Thursday, July 8, 2010

Henry Strong at Whitehern concert July 2010

Yesterday was a beastly hot day again and thankfully, the Staff at Whitehern decided to have the concert indoors at the Carriage House. It was crowded when I arrived but I spotted Jeff along the far wall and went to sit with him. We Willie (Scottish fellow) came to join us after but Anita and Grace did not come at all.

Anita called me later to tell me that their tap dancing class is now on the Wednesdays and so they will miss quite a few concerts. What a shame!

Jeff had brought some nibbles to snack on and he shared them with me which was nice of him.

The two men playing played well but I am not really into jazz. A lady called Margaret, one of Jeff's friends, was sitting at a table so after the intermission when many of the crowd left, we joined her where it was much cooler. She is a Britisher and Wee Willie is a Scots so they had lots to talk about. It was interesting to hear them chat as I have never been to either of their countries.

I have travelled a lot in my younger days, but always went off the beaten path as much as I could.

Jeff was to meet James and watch the soccer game together so he left a little earlier. After the concert, I went over to the Y to see if I could see the girls but did not see them. Went to Jackson's Square, got a spray bottle and some vegetable oil and came straight home.

Even with that little bit of exposure to the heat, it made me feel unwell. Took my energy away so got very little done at home.

One thing I did start was the story of Edna which I will submit to Whitehern. I really feel sympathy and understand for what she went through. So far, I am pleased with it.

The weatherman says that the weather will break perhaps tomorrow and the weekend should be nicer. If that is the case, I shall take my book and chair and go to the waterfront and read.

What strange weather we are having......

Thanks for reading and drop by again when you have the time.

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