Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Concert at Whitehern

Jennifer took these photo of Melissa, Kevin and Doug Feaver, the performer.

Jeff and I in the garden at Whitehern. Jennifer took this shot. My eyes are rolling due to a crack that Jeff made. It's a great picture of him though. My deadpan look!

Kevin makes a great Granddad and the little one listens to him which I was very glad to see.

All in all, a good day and I shall be going to a poetry reading shortly this evening so there will be more to hear about tomorrow some time. Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Kevin and Melissa dropped into my place about 10 a.m. He was lucky I was home. I was in the midst of rearranging furniture and cleaning so he had to take me as he found me unfortunately. We had a nice little visit though and the little girl was as good as gold. I was nervous though because my home is no longer childproof and she is 22 months of age and curious about everything. Fortunately, I have some children's books still so she looked at the pictures and I gave her a spool to play with so that kept her busy for a little while. I was in the midst of doing two loads of washing as well so poor Kev had to just entertain himself until we went to the concert at 12. He is a very comfortable person though so it was no problem.

Would you believe, this is a purse and it has a high heel on it. I had to take a picture of it as it was so different.

These little people were sitting near us. They were adorable children and very well behaved. I suspect they must be brother and sister. I had lots of enjoyment just watching them.
Jennifer took most of these pictures and she is getting better and better with my camera....

A small section of the crowd

Kev and his granddaughter relaxing near the stage. Kevin actually knew the performer as Kevin is a musician himself. He will be performing at Festival of Friends in August himself.

He was amazing, played the guitar, sang and played the mouth organ. His programme was bluegrass and the blues. Very enjoyable !Doug Feaver - performer

Doug Feaver

In the garden, Kevin and his granddaughter - Melissa.

Another great concert at Whitehern. we are so spoiled here in Hamilton with free concerts each Wednesday in the summer months. It was a good crowd today and the performer was excellent.

Thanks for reading - the day was not yet finished, had another nice event to go to so will post it tomorrow.

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