Friday, January 14, 2011

an update from this week

It is now Friday and I still have the flu.  It seems to have lightened up though so perhaps in the next few days, it will disappear completely!

I am beginning to go stir crazy.  Fresh air, what is that?  People, are they all that small  as they look from where I stand at my window looking down from the 9th floor?

All joking aside, I miss going out and interacting with others.  I won't allow Rahel to even come outside of my door as her resistance will still be down.  Andrew just hands me things through the door and also does not step inside.

Thankfully, they have lent me a lot of videos so I am watching them.  The hours seem to speed by though and before you know it, it is dark outside again and time to sleep.

I've missed so many nice activities and even may have to miss the book launch on Sunday afternoon as I don't want anybody to get this bug.

Just a reminder to me of all the wonderful spots in Hamilton which I love to go to.

The Bruce Trail  - Artist Januz Worobel

Poet: Wilma Seville,
                                                                  Tower Poetry Society

                                                                   Date: October 2008

                                                                Long ago, seeds were sown

                                                                by capricious winds

                                                                landing on fertile earth

                                                                along Niagara Escarpment

                                                               Deciduous trees stand

                                                               tall, slender, reaching up

                                                              to sunlit heavens above

                                                             branches nearly bare

                                                          Crunchy leaves line pathway

                                                          footsteps pressing them into earth

                                                          squirrels scurry to and fro

                                                          winter time - on its way

                                                         Patches of sunlight poke through

                                                         outdoor cathedral hush

                                                         feelings of peace

                                                         birds sing to their Creator alone

                                                         Leaves fall with each wind gust

                                                         adding to coloured carpet

                                                         footsteps of lone person

                                                        walk along the Bruce Trail

                                                        Man, in all his wisdom

                                                        cannot outdo art of God

                                                       whose love for man is shown

                                                       by beauty such as this

©WilmaSeville2008 Showcased at Dundas Art Walk 2008

Hope you enjoyed the painting by the Hamilton artist and my little poem.  I love to write about nature, animals and whatever takes my fancy.

Thanks for dropping by and come by again when you have the time!

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