Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eleanore's Going Away Party at St. Paul's

Sixty two years of faithful service!  In 1949, Eleanore came as a young bride of 23  along with her husband  Rev.Stanley Vance, to minister to the people of St. Pauls Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario.  For twenty seven years, this faithful pair of dedicated Christians served God  in their capacity of Minister and his wife.

In those days, the minister's wife was expected to participate in all programmes in the church.  Even the children of the minister's (P.K.'s) came under much scrutiny. It was not an easy role for people to play, to say the least.  Nowadays that has changed a great deal which makes it much easier to be a minister's wife!

If anybody might be wondering what P.K. stands for, it is Preacher's Kids.  It is very difficult to be a P.K. as there are so many eyes watching every action you do. 

St. Paul's was a large congregation during the fifties with a membership of 722, a large Sunday School and many youth and adult groups.   Both Eleanore and her husband played a very active role in these groups.

I knew her best through the womens group, Home Circle.  Her gentle presence was felt by the members of the group as it was through the entire church.  She will be sorely missed.

Eleanore will be moving to be nearer to her family and has found a very charming retirement residence to live in  a smaller town.

May God grant her a loving church home in her new place and all the love that she deserves.

"Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me."  Matthew 25, vs. 40

Eleanore truly followed this ideal in her own gentle, quiet way and ministered to so many people uplifting them as she went.

Eleanore, admiring one of her cakes.  Barbara ready to cut it.

Both cakes were lovely but I liked this one specially.
On another note, St. Paul's Theatre Group put on a short skit about Abbott and Costello and the Computer which was an absolute laugh!  Wally. Ryan and Laura had the congregation rolling in the aisles with laughter.
Very entertaining. 

Many letters were sent to Eleanore from people too far away to come to this special gathering, both her sons spoke, and Enid did a fantastic job of being the M.C.  A toast and tribute remarks were done by Rhona with all joining in.

Many people had tears in their eyes as Eleanore is a much loved figure at St. Paul's and it is a great loss to the congregation that she is moving away.  A part of their history moves with her!

May she be happy knowing she is so well loved and respected.

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princess-anna said...

It is a wonderful thing the Eleanor is well respected and she will be missed I am sure.

It is a good story that you wrote about the couple mom and very true