Monday, January 17, 2011

An unnecessary death in Toronto

I was so upset today at noon time when I learned of the death of a lady who has Alzheimer Disease. She was only 66 years of age.

From what the news said, this lady wandered outside at night while her husband was asleep.  When he woke up, he immediately called the police to try and locate her.

I understand that this lady called for help as she had fallen on the driveway about a block from her home. Two people heard her call for help and did nothing, and one person looked outside  and saw her lying there but did not even call the police.  She was found about 5 a.m. by a  woman delivering newspapers.

It was the coldest night of the year and this lady died.

 Are we "too busy" or are we "not wishing to get involved?". 

What would those people who ignored her cry for help do if it was their loved one lying there? Would they not want somebody to at least call the police?

It just breaks my heart to hear of this tragedy. 

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