Sunday, January 16, 2011

TPS winter book launch Jan. 2011

This year, due to the renovations going on at the Carnagie Gallery in Dundas, ArtWord/Artbar hosted the book launch.  Although  the Carnagie Gallery is a lovely spot to have the winter launch at, it is very far from downtown Hamilton. 

It was an exceptionally cold day today and I was most grateful that Stella picked me up at my back door.

I am still somewhat weak from the flu bug and was glad that I did not have to spend much time out of doors.

I was very pleased with the turnout on such a bitter cold day.  I had the honour of reading one of Ed Wood's poems which I particularly enjoyed.  Ed was unable to attend due to work so I was asked to read.

None of my poems were picked for this edition but that is okay.  It was a pleasure to read Ed's lovely poem on missed opportunity in love. 

I may submit some more poems for the next issue, who knows?  I am back into making jewellery and so my writing takes a back seat when that happens.

I was somewhat disappointed (to say the least) with the quality of my pictures today.  I hope my camera is not having a nervous breakdown!

Jeff Seffinga - Editor in Chief

Judith Sandiford, our lovely hostess

Valerie Nielson - Our President

All the above pictures are fine, but after that the quality went downhill for some unknown reason.  I have new batteries in my camera and they were fully charged.  It is my hope that it is a temporary problem as I really like this little camera.

Here is an example of what happened with the camera.  Perhaps a reader may be able to spot the problem.

David Haskin

Those are some of the better ones, the rest are not good at all.

I may need a new card as this one I have is about 4 years old and I have erased it many, many times.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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