Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tower Poetry workshop - first in the new year.

I had a wonderful time today and thoroughly enjoyed being together with everybody again.  We had two new people come and one of them I knew when I worked for the Catholic Family Services as a Senior Peer Councillor.  What a pleasant surprise to see him.

It was a good crowd today as well, in spite of the inclement weather.  Our President, Valerie, was unable to make it due to the excess snow in her area so our Vice President David took over and did a very able job.

Stella picked me up for which I was most greatful and Jeff brought me home, again I was most happy about that.

I find the cold weather makes it hard for me to breathe if I have to be outside waiting on buses for too long.

I will work on the suggestions given and try and make the poem even stronger. 

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