Saturday, January 30, 2010

A new creation

Boots (near Seven-up bottle) and Tiger at their feeding station near the kitchen.
A view of the jewellery I worked on today. Emerald green and crystal Czech firepolish beads with clasps. Nickel free matching earings.

Same creation, but against a white background. This actually is a better shot of it as the crystals are clear.

It took me all afternoon to make this set but they are very beautiful and worth the effort.
Ed's Mom was taken ill and rushed to the hospital so he sent me an e-mail to let me know. I am glad to say that his Mom will be released from the hospital shortly and will be sent back to the nursing home.
As a result of this emergency situation, I made reservations with Wheeltrans in Toronto to pick me up at Union Station tomorrow. I will cancel it now as I will go in with them.
I will call them tomorrow before leaving and book my ride back on Monday. I am quite relieved, as one must wait outside at Union Station for about half an hour for pickup and I was dreading that due to the extreme cold. At least going home, I can wait inside at Margaret's for pick up.
I wish Margaret's birthday was in the warmer weather!
I am very relieved to hear that his Mom will be okay and things are returning to normal for them.

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