Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday's events

In the afternoon I designed two beautiful Swarovski crystals pendants for a customer who has requested these particular colours.

She will have her choice of styles and, of course, I will add the chain once she has chosen which one she wants.

I really enjoyed making these pendants as the crystals are so very pretty!

She will look great in one of these!

At night I went to Lit Live and perhaps I was not too receptive, but I found it very long. The only one I really enjoyed listening to was the story about the Japanese adventure as it was a short story.

Mohammad, Jennifer, James, Jeff and myself all sat together which was nice.

Jennifer offered me a ride home but I just felt exhausted and needed to go to bed and Jennifer T. was still busy with the book table so just walked home by myself.

Jeff also walked from his place and he left first, then Mohammad, and then a few minutes later - me.

I think sometimes one has to be in the "mood" for such events. I really do prefer something that has a plot and a story line. I see more and more that stories or narrative poetry is what I really prefer.

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