Sunday, January 3, 2010

A lovely birthday party!

A beautiful manager scene in the party room. It truly is a lovely senior's residence with many of the senior's art work on the walls. People seemed to get along quite well and seemed very contented there.
Metis people - Anne and Ed
Phillipina - Carmelita

Ed, Carmelita and Anne, Ed's sister from Toronto

Some lovely ladies and a dear little boy!

A nice family picture

A group shot

A small section of the guests.

Ed and Carmelita in their party room.

What a nice time I had with compatible people. It was Carmelita's birthday and welcome home party. It was very well attended with 30 people as well as many of the residents from their building participating.

Carmelita had done her usual splendid job of cooking delicious food and presenting them in a most attractive way. She should run a restaurant!

Her family from Cambridge had arrived early - just a little after 2 p.m. They had the most wonderful little boy with them. His personality seemed to sparkle and we exchanged many glances as he tried to figure out what this strange lady was who didn't look like any of his relatives.

He didn't seem to have any fear though, even though I wear glasses and many little people find glasses a little intimidating.

People arrived at different hours and Ed's sister Anne even came from Toronto.

It was grand to have been invited and I felt very honoured to be there. Many happy returns of the Day Carmelita!

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