Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday's day shaping up.

I need to do quite a bit of typing today to catch up on things I should have done before!

I also want to figure out how to make a four tier necklace. I have done one tier already last night with Ceylon beads (small ones, but bigger than seed pearls) and perhaps will work on another layer in between typing. It sure takes a long time to do as the beads are very small and require a great deal of patience and a steady hand. I have used blue Ceylon beads and now may make some pink Ceylon beads next to that row. I think I will use Czech firepolish beads for the other two tiers but we will see as we go along. That is the fun part of designing for me - experimenting.

I can see why some designers use huge beads. It is so much faster and easier for them to do!

I had a lovely chat with an old friend from Toronto yesterday afternoon and caught up on all her news. She had been sick with bronchitis at the start of the new year and was just now starting to feel better.

I shall be going to Toronto this weekend to celebrate my friend's 90th birthday. I have known her since the early 1980's so we go back a very long time. She wants me to take pictures so that she can send them to her foster children as a memento. Once she passes on, there will be no reason to go to Toronto in the cold winter months!

On another note, a friend of mine lost his beloved cat yesterday. I do understand so well what he is going through right now. I remember when Hibou died in the flood, I wrote a poem on her and this was a comfort for me. I could not read it aloud for the group so Stella read it for me. She is a cat lover herself so she understood how I was feeling. We have comforted each other over the loss of our dear companions.

All in all, it should be a very pleasant and productive day, provided I buckle down and don't get distracted from what I should be doing!

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