Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lunch out with Carmen and Wally

What a lovely time we had together. We had a delicious lunch at Toby's which is a great restaurant in Jackson's Square. Their food is always tasty and I have never been disappointed when I have gone there. Rosanne was on duty and we have always gotten along well. She admired my pendant and found out that I make handcrafted jewellery. She wants to come to my next party as she also loves poetry! Carmen suggested that I plan a little gathering for around Mother's Day.

If I do that, I will not borrow the chairs again as that is too much work for others. I have 27 chairs available to me so that is plenty of guests.

If I do another party, I think I will just make it a sweet table instead of all the baking I did last time. I also will cut down the amount of poetry readings and try and get some music in there as well.

Anyway, back to the restaurant. Wally was sneaky, and grabbed the bill before I could pay my bill! They are so good to me.

Afterwards, we went shoes shopping for Wally and he was fortunate enough to find two pairs which fit him well. Liquidation Mall was our next step. Carmen had never been there and she found it amazing. Of course, that is my favourite shop in the Mall as it is fun to go in there and sometimes you can get some amazing bargains.

They walked me home and then went to pick up their car at St. Paul's.

Such busy young people but I am so glad they made a special effort to spend time with me. It was great fun and made my day!

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