Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hard to believe, but I have been remarkably quiet on the blog

I have been hibernating lately due to the cold snap and have been very busy trying to organize, wash and straighten out different areas in my little nest which I call home.

Haven't had much on except for the Mayor's Levee which my friend Mohammad and I attended. It was very nice and we had a chance to speak to a councillor, the mayor, the new police chief and Diane, the mayor's wife.

I've been to Lit Chat as well and it was quite interesting. Some of the participants have been professors and high school teachers before retirement and their subject has been literature so they are way ahead of me in their knowledge of poetry and great literature so I listen more than I speak. It is good to learn from them though.

My friend Jennifer picked me up due to the extreme cold and she drove James, Jennifer T, and myself home. We had the opportunity to go through a part of the city I rarely go in, so it was nice to see the houses all lit up.

Oh yes, another nice thing that is happening today is that my friend Stella is picking me up this morning and taking me to her place in the country where we will spend the day together. She lives in Flamborough which is very rural and I am looking forward to this very much.

I love the country (to visit, not to live) and will enjoy seeing the crispness of the white glistening snow and the wild life. I shall meet her husband Dan and the cats for the first time. She has visited me several times over the years but this is our first opportunity for me to visit with them.

Oh, another point, I started writing a short story about a "balcony" and if I like it, I may send it in for publication to Perspectives Magazine. I am having great fun with this story as it is from the perspective of the balcony!

Have a nice day, my faithful readers, and welcome to new readers. Hope you drop by again!

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