Sunday, January 24, 2010

A rainy day at the waterfront

At St. John's today, after the service, Sabine took possession of her handcrafted jewelery. She liked both of them and could not decide which one she liked best so she asked a group of friends. They had trouble too, but then decided to go with the more funky one as it was very, very original. She wants to order another funky one for her sister-in-law at the same price and will check which colours of Swarovski beads she likes. She also said she would like to try and drum up more business for me which is very nice of her!

After that, Rosie, Siggie and I went out for lunch at the waterfront, in spite of the rainy day.

We had a very nice time and I was able to get to know Siggie better. I liked her. Siggie had to go all the way out to Stoney Creek where she lives, so after she left, Rosie and I went walking by the water. We saw a gaggle of geese hanging about, some ducks on the water, patches of ice still frozen and open water as well. It was strange to see the big Hamiltonian cruise boat docked and not in service as well as my darling little tugboat which I just love! I often think of writing a little story about that tugboat or even a poem.

All in all, a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon on a dull and rainy day!

Rosie dropped me off at home after the waterfront and now am going to design a necklace.

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