Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brian Henry's romantic writing workshop

He is a very nice fellow and has a good way of leading a workshop, in my opinion. I already have registered for the upcoming one in May and shall look forward to it.

He gave some valuable tips and I asked him a general question on how does a person become an editor as I have several friends who do that work.

He told me that in days gone by, one just started doing it without specific training but nowadays there are specific courses to take. It sounded like one could still be an editor though without any specific training.

I found it quite interesting. My editing experience is limited, just edited a book for an African lady a few years ago, and also a foreign medical student. It was an interesting thing for me to do..

I wonder if there is a course in Hamilton to do for that? I looked at Mohawk a while back but only could find Creative Writing Courses, but perhaps it might not be called an editing course.

We had some good laughs and I met some delightful ladies (no gentlemen present), Brian excepted! He suggested Women's Weekly to submit short stories to. I had forgotten about them.

We did a group writing story (3 in the group), and also individual openings for a story, which was great fun. Mine was about the day of a marriage, and the bride to be realizes that she couldn't marry him as he was a control freak. I think I may expound on that when I get a chance. It was great fun to write.

We had a lovely woman come to speak to us in the afternoon. I found her very nice and she spoke very clearly. I cannot seem to remember her name right now.

She writes romantic stories and has had about 12 books published so far. She is quite young, her child is only 12 years of age.

All in all, a lovely way to spend an afternoon with creative people.

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