Monday, February 1, 2010

90th birthday party

Princess, in her handknitted sweater (Margaret made) and blanket I gave her a few years ago.
Rene, Sonia, Eunice and Margaret.

The birthday gal! 90 years young!

I am back now from Toronto. I had a nice time but was glad to get home to Hamilton. Toronto is just too busy for me now.

Ed and Carmelita dropped me off at Margaret's which was extremely kind of them. It saved me not only a bus ride and then a Wheeltrans ride, but waiting out in the cold for half an hour for Wheeltrans at Union Station!

We actually had an interesting ride in Burlington before heading into Toronto. I saw some fantastic houses!

In any event, Sonia & Rene came first, then Eunice. Margaret was quite peeved that Eunice was so late and she mentioned it!

Needless to say, it was a little difficult but then things got better and we all enjoyed ourselves.

I stayed overnight at Marg's and then Wheeltrans came for me about 1:30 on Monday afternoon. The driver was a little bit of a wild driver and went too fast. I much prefer actual Wheeltrans drives, not hired taxi, however, in spite of the excess speed. we arrived safely at the Go Station.

The bus was crowded even at 2:30 which was quite surprising to me. It was great to get back to Hamilton and home!

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