Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whitehern's Valentine Tea

Mohammad shot this, Wilma, Anita and Dee Dee. Note the yummy cheese cake on the plates.
Anita, Dee Dee and Mohammad. Dee Dee teaches bridge and Mohammad learned this game from her so it was such a delight for both of them to see each other again. This is the second time, first at my party and now at this wonderful event!

I took a shot of the picture of the house which hangs in the stable. I have always liked that picture and am quite happy with the result.

Susan Snelling, a classically trained soprano (in green dress) and Judith Morphet, who played a Bowed Psaltery performed for this event. Their stage name is "Pearls of Time". It was a delight to hear them perform. They played many a familiar tune from times gone by and one almost felt like bursting out in singing! I know our Whitehern guys and gals group really enjoyed hearing them.

Liz, cutting the two lovely cakes that were served as part of the tea. Her gracious manner, as always, added to the occasion.

Liz and Joe - historical interpreters. In the stable. Joe is a wonderful host and very friendly.

Anita, Dee Dee, Mohammad and I attended from our regular Whitehern group. Some of the gals don't want to be out at night by themselves which I understand perfectly so they did not come.
There were also other people there whom I had never seen before and they appeared to be enjoying the event as well.

Liz and Joe read some of the letters (love letters)written to and from the family to prospective mates.

I am going to do a little more investigation about Edna and perhaps write something for the upcoming contest for the 100th anniversity of Ruby's death. Next year, will be a big year for Whitehern and many exciting events are planned.

I really felt for her and her sad situation. In those days, mental illness was not to be discussed or even acknowledged and usually the person would be shut away.

We had a few good laughs and enjoyed each other's company. Mohammad was delighted to see Dee Dee again as she was his bridge teacher. She is a very nice lady and I have invited her to come with me to Tower and to bring a poem but she said she is too shy. I will try and encourage her to do that!

All in all, a lovely Saturday evening!

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