Friday, February 19, 2010

A busy Friday

World Day of Prayer planning meeting and then the Widow and Widowers group meeting after that!

WDP will be at St. John's for the downtown churches. It is located at Wilson and Hughson. As we are the host church, there will be a lot of duties on that day and before to make sure it runs smoothly.

Kathe and I are in charge for St. John's.

At the W & W group, there were just the three of us this time. However, it was nice just the same.

I am very glad to be home and take a little break now. I want to do some jewellery designing this afternoon and evening.

A friend of mine and I dropped into Arts Hamilton after the group, and he renewed his membership and I checked out the jewellery display. My things are hanging up on the wall. Right now, they have put the showcase for one artist's work and also her wonderful paintings are on display in the Gallery part of it. She is a very talented lady.

It is most interesting to see that creative types sometimes do more than one thing. I design jewellery and write poetry and short stories, she designs jewellery and paints lovely pictures.

A most interesting observation.

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