Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Weekend 2010

Our very entertaining and enlightening speaker - Dr. Jeffery Donaldson.
Dr. Mary Anderson introducing the speaker for the Poet Study.

Norm Brown, President of Tower Poetry, with guest speaker, Dr. Jeffery Donaldson.

I had a really busy weekend but it was all very enjoyable. Saturday afternoon was our Tower Poetry Study and we had an excellent speaker, Dr. Jeffery Donaldson. I really enjoyed his talk and got a lot out of it. He had a great wit and had a clear way of explaining things. He also read some of his work which was very deep and yet, easy to understand. A true teacher!

I had invited quite a few people to come who normally do not attend. It was good to see them there. They seem to have enjoyed the event.
I admire Dr. Donaldson as he has overcome a grave health issue and done so much with his life in spite of his affliction. He has a tremendous sense of humour! A most pleasant and informative speaker.

It was well attended which was great.
We held a brief Executive meeting right after the talk. Apparently, Mohammad waited for me. I felt badly about this when he told me later on that evening but I did not know he was going to do that. Poor man, also waited for me at Jackson's Square so we could go together. I did not know he was going to do that either as he had not said so. Irene and I took the bus together. Fortunately, I had told him the bus numbers beforehand and he was able to find the library.
After our brief Executive meeting, both Ed and Stella offered me a ride home. I am so blessed to have such good friends who think of me and offer me a ride. I sure appreciate that!
A very nice afternoon!

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