Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Facebook woes

Mauve and crystal Czech firepolish beads on silver plated chain. Long chain, to go over the head for those who suffer from arthritis or who want to put on their jewellery in a hurry without fiddling around with a clasp. There is a clasp on it though.
Shows the length of the chain.

Black shimmering chain, with silver wire work, Czech fire polish beads in jet black and pink. Gorgeous and elegant. This picture does not really do it justice.

I hope it is just for the moment, but Facebook seems to have changed the photo uploading option and I tried to upload a photo for over an hour, and it still is not on my Facebook page. I wish that Facebook would not keep on changing its format!

I enjoy Facebook because I can keep up with my out of town friends and I especially love the photo section.

As the saying goes, "If it's not broke, don't fix it!" and I wish they would think about that saying and go by it!

My next jewellery project is to try and make a floating necklace where one cannot see what holds it together, rather the beads stand out. It should be interesting to try!
I am also currently working on a poem by ships best friend. Intriguing? Ah, think about it, what would ships do without their good friend? We have one of them at Pier 8 for those who live in Hamilton. Big ships could not get into ports without them!

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