Sunday, February 14, 2010

Artword/Artbar Valentine's Event 2010

Stella took this picture of me reading some of my work at the Artword Artbar.
On the whole it was quite a nice event, although I did not care for the work of two poets who read rather raunchy poems. One was a male and the other a female.

Normally, I like their work and I am a friend to both of them and know both quite well.

I was glad to see that most of the poets were more refined. Our hosts were their usual delightful selves, Judith and Ronald. They have a real knack of making people feel "at home".

In the intermission, we had a lovely surprise with Ken (not my son) coming to entertain us. I really enjoyed his music. I normally love opera, operetta, classical and semi-classical music but I did enjoy his style very much. The odd thing was that Ken had seen me before at Jackson's Square and remembered me. He said I even put something in his guitar case when he was playing there. It is possible, as I do try and support local people in their artistic endeavours as best as I can. What a small world!

He is the gentleman who got a ticket for busking in downtown Hamilton. I found him a nice, quiet fellow, not a threat to anybody. What a shame he got a ticket for singing on the street!

I wish the police would ticket the people who are begging and harassing others for money. He was working by singing, and not harrassing anybody. On top of it, he has a very nice voice and is not an intimidating figure at all!

He and Ronald, the co-owner have an event Thursday nights at 8 p. m. I wish it were not so late, or otherwise I might attend when the warmer weather comes. I like music very much.

All in all, a fine weekend!

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