Friday, April 3, 2009

Travelling on city buses

Good Morning!

Although the weather here is certainly not "good" however, one has a choice to either choose to be thankful even for the heavy rain, or to moan and complain about it.

I choose to be thankful as I find rain very restful!

It is a great day to be warm and cozy at home, read a book with a good cup of coffee in one hand and the cats curled up, contented as can be!

What a wonderful situation to be in. I also will be looking forward to going to a literary event tonight.

On my bus travels yesterday I saw a potentially dangerous situation occur. A young native father and his little boy were blocking the entrance of the bus with the carriage. The little boy was sitting on a double seat while the father stood holding the stroller. Another lady, who sounded like she was from Africa, tried to get past him with her baby and got quite verbal about it.

I actually thought she was right, as elderly people with canes also were having difficulty getting past the carriage. The potential for a fall was quite high.

Instead of co-operating, the young father became quite defensive and would not move for the life of him! The driver kept silent but kept looking in his mirror.

Eventually, the young father got off and the mother could wheel her baby carriage further down in the bus.

It was a potentially explosive situation and happily, it was diffused by taking no action.

If the bus would have had to stop quickly, it would have been very dangerous not only for the two opposing factors but also for anybody trying to squeeze past, including the older folk.

How very unfortunate that people have to become so stubborn! The young man could have kept the little fellow in the stroller and moved further down in the bus, instead of blocking the entrance way.

Ah, for the joy of riding city buses!!!!

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