Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An opportunity to help

What a blessing happened today on the Barton Bus going towards Ottawa Street. A young fellow in a wheelchair and with a sturdy cane got on the bus. He did not know exactly where he was going so asked some directions where the nearest foodbank was. He said it very quietly.

A lady, in the know, told him and as he was manouvering his way off the bus, I slipped him $20 just so he could buy some food that would not provided. I have taken people to food banks myself in Toronto so I know that they cannot possibly provide all the necessities one needs to survive.

I know that people on disability have no choice but to use foodbanks to get food, and I liked that this young man was helping himself as much as he was able. He also was not begging on the corner of the street somewhere. Begging, by the way, is illegal in Hamilton but it is done all the time.

I never do anything to get things in return and I thank God that this opportunity came this morning. What a blessed thing it is to help another in their time of need.

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