Friday, April 17, 2009

Writing about the Piggott Building

Last night I spoke to the Editor of H magazine, who is also a poet, and asked her if she would be interested in an article on the Piggott Building and she said yes.

I'll probably start it today. I want it to be generic enough so that I do not offend any of my neighbours.

I may even interview some people who have had encounters with the ghost who lives here.

It is a grand old building and has had quite a history in Hamilton.

Now onto other things. Central Poetry's Open Mic will be held at Westdale Library in May and then next seasons workshop meetings will also be held there. Central library is having major renovations and we have to move away for at least a year.

I am not overly thrilled about that, as it is at night and the Westdale buses are like Sardine tins when the McMaster students get out which would be about the time we would leave.

In the dead of the winter, I doubt that I will be able to go unless I took a taxi both ways which would be quite costly.

I would miss the fun we have with that group as they can be a real lively group sometimes.

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