Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Glad my son is staying here at least for the summer

I have been most fortunate to have had my son living fairly close to me here in Hamilton. That was the whole purpose of me moving to Hamilton.

He had a part time job offer in Ottawa which was to start today but after he calculated it all out, it was not worth the move at least for that job offer.

My hope is that he remains in Hamilton or in Toronto which is not very far away. It is nice to have him close by just for moral support and he has been there for me when I have had to go into the hospital. I also enjoy it when he comes to visit me when he is downtown.

The problem with Hamilton is that there are so many lay-offs and no matter how many resumes he sends off, he is not getting interviews. Having a degree does not seem to help in this economy either. He has good work experience and is not a lazy fellow. He is working so very hard on Civi-side as well.

My hope is that he will get a job soon, the summer will be tough as the Army stands down which means there is not the usual work available for the Reservists.

We're a family and I will be there for him as well as for Anna and Billy. God willing, things will improve for him soon.

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