Thursday, April 9, 2009

The school children and Freeway's Seniors

What a pleasure it was to have the young children come to visit with us at Freeway. I hope they come again. I believe that they were in Grades 5 and 6.

They were darlings. All girls except for one dear little boy called Isaac.

We divided into two groups and each group worked on an individual theme to make a poem.
Each child wrote one line and one of the little girls asked me to finish it off, which I did. Then both groups came together and performed on the stage. it was great fun!

The children also did a dance for us and one brave little girl sang a song.

Johnathan, one of the volunteers there, also favoured us with a song as well. Johnathan is developmentally delayed and a regular volunteer there.

It was great fun and the kids were so original. We wrote on a striped zebra which used to be in Zac's furniture store.

There was much giggling and laughing and, I for one, thoroughly enjoyed being with those dear children. I really miss having children around! When I worked at Regent Park, Duke of York School, I used to get lots of hugs from the kids and I miss those hugs!!!!

In two weeks time, I will be leading a Creative Writing workshop at Freeway so had better start to prepare! It should be fun and some of the "Whitehern Gals" want to come to that.

Ed and Carmelita picked me up and drove me home. I am so spoiled!

I never have to ask, they always call to see if I want a ride. I really appreciate that. I don't ask for rides so when somebody thinks of it and offers, I am so happy about that.

I made two pendants as little gifts for Easter for Carmelita and also for Jeannette, the co-ordinator for this little group and both of them liked them, which made me happy.

Our group will continue during the summer months which I am very happy about. Oh, another thing, it was grand to see Irene come for the first time to the group. We are always glad to welcome people. One does not have to be a senior to join and it is free!

All in all, a delightful way to spend a few hours among nice people.

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