Sunday, April 5, 2009

A sad day for a friend

Today, as I opened up my computer to check my e-mails and Facebook entries, I found some very sad news awaiting me.

Lukie, a dear member of my friend Grace's family, had to be put to sleep. I can certainly understand the pain the whole family is going through as I have had to do that several times over the course of many years of having animals live with me.

Animals are such a blessing to have and when they die, a huge hole is left in the family structure.

May God grant His healing to this family who have lost their beloved friend.

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princess-anna said...

I sure can relate to the fact of losing a best friend as I had cat Sammy who had diabeties and had to be put to sleep. He sure is with God now and was and is remembered to this day. I feel sad upon hearing this news of the Family's best friend