Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tower Poetry workshop

Today was our poetry workshop and although we were an extremely small group, it went quite well.

I think a lot of people were away due to the long weekend. I brought my Cat and the Spider poem and the group seemed to like it. In fact, one of the ladies thought it would be a good child's picture book.

I can actually see that as well. Who knows, perhaps one day?

I still like writing short stories more than poetry but am determined to improve on my poetry.

My friend Jeff drove me home which was very nice of him. It is the first time that I have ever driven with him, but he seems to be a careful driver and I felt safe with him. I am always leary about driving with people for the first time since my car accident many years ago. I lost one year of my life due to this accident and it has stuck with me. I hope never to have to go through that again.

All in all, a good afternoon.

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