Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A possible poem?

I think I will write about Willie Thompson and my building in a poem and leave people guessing which building it is. The other article for H magazine is finished and is just factual. In a poem, I can make it more fantasy and this may suit my purpose better.

I hope to go over to the library this week to the Special Collections Section and start research on the building and especially on him.

It should be very interesting. Since I live here, I don't want to provoke any anger by other people nor by any other force. Several people whom I know fairly well, have had experiences in this building. These people are not fanciful people and have their feet solidly on the ground.

One of my neighbours, a Minister, who is also a close friend, has corrected me when I said I didn't believe in ghosts. He said "Yes you do". He pointed out that there are forces of good and evil in spirit form. I hadn't thought of it that way before.

It sure shed new light on the subject for me.

I have a lot of research to do for two topics I am bringing for the B & B retreat. It will be held at a lovely cottage right on a lake and will be at the end of May. I also want to continue research on this building at the library. I will have plenty to keep me interested.

I love doing research, always have and hope always will. I also love interviewing people, and as long as I have my list of questions ready, I do quite well. Have interviewed people from many walks of life and thoroughly enjoyed talking with them.

I think if I did not have my writing and my various other interests, I would be very bored.

What a blessing for me that this side of my brain was not diminished by the lack of oxygen during the cardiac arrest.

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