Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A non-productive day

What shall I write about today? Nothing much going on today. Did not feel like going out anywhere so stayed home and worked with my hands on making jewellery.

Had a nice long chat with my son and then another chat with my daughter but otherwise haven't heard from anybody today.

Perhaps I will call some of my Toronto friends to see how they are doing.

I did make one phone call today, my mistake. Ameen, my Jordanian "son" had called me earlier this week to tell me that his father had had a stroke and the poor boy was very upset.

Today I called him in Toronto and we spoke for quite a few minutes. He wants to fly home to be with his Dad. His parents have been married for 45 years he told me. He expects to be able to fly next week some time if all goes as planned.

In Jordan, in the Intensive Care, family members can only see the patient through a glass window. I like our system better. I asked him why, and Ameen told me that it is because Jordanians are very emotional people and they would cry and wail and it would disturb the patient. When he explained that, I understood and had to agree.

When I was in Intensive Care, I was so greatful to have people come in just to be there. Winston and Kathy came from Toronto even. Kenny could not get a flight back from France but eventually did and it was good to see him there as well. Dear Jody came as well.

Asma and Asher came but later on and I was so happy to see them as well. I had calls from Montreal on a regular basis and even from Cape Breton. I was so fortunate that friends came from Hamilton to visit as well. I think the one I enjoyed most as we debated many issues was Pastor Colin. I was always so glad to see him.

I shall never forget the prayers offered up by the hospital chaplain and Pastor Colin outside my hospital door, as the surgeon tried to get my heart started again. Of course, I did not know of the prayers until after the event.

I can feel the pain young Ameen is going through and will continue to pray for him and his family at this very difficult time.

He's a good boy, soon to become engaged in Jordan and I am so very happy about this. He is so lonely here and deserves a good person in his corner.

As is the custom in many Muslim countries, his parents have somebody in mind for him from among the distant relatives. It is a good system in many ways, as there will be no surprises that way. The background is known, the family unit is strong and the young people may or may not know each other. They will be emotionally supported by the family group as well.

I know a Canadian girl of Indian background, who married her first cousin and brought him here. Their marriage is going well and they have two beautiful children.

There is much to be said on both sides of the issue. Too much family can be a bad thing too!

I know when I was married in the Ecuadorian community, I needed much more space than what I was given and finally had to take a stand. Now my mother-in-law and I are on good terms but I had to stand up to her originally.

An interesting topic to be sure!

This started out with nothing to say, but ended up with plenty to say!

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