Saturday, March 7, 2009

A rainy day in Hamilton

I am glad that I don't need to go out today. I have started weeding out old things I no longer need and that is a good feeling. In between, I take a rest and watch DVD's brought back from Guyana, S.A. I have Guyanese friends both in Toronto and in Hamilton so it is good to learn more about their country.

My friend Andrew has lent them to me and they are amazing.

I wish I had seen them before I brought the topic on Guyana at the last World Day of Prayer. It was interesting enough just from the research I did, but it is so much better when you see a DVD on the country!

I find these scientist and naturalists amazing people and really brave. In the interior of Guyana, the rivers have pirranna fish, caymans (a kind of crocodile) and other creatures which I would not care to come face to face with.

It makes me appreciate living in Canada and in a city!

The scenery in the Rain Forests of Guyana and the different species are really something to be amazed about and shows the diversity of flora and wildlife that this earth has.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a nice day!

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