Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dreaming time

How very odd, this is the second time I have had a very vivid dream of my friend Betty in Montreal. This time, it was almost like a life review, from the time when we met when we were 18 years of age, her parents, her brother, her son as a baby and in different stages of his life, our boys together, my son's first step taken in her home on a visit to Montreal, her old home, things we did together and each was in detail.

It was as if I were living it all over again. It was fantastic and very comforting to see all this while I slept.

I'm wondering if it means anything? My friend has had a by-pass a few years back. I will call her to make sure she is okay. I did call her last week but she was not home so just left a message.

It made me realize that Betty and I go back almost 50 years. Her Mom and Dad were from Germany and I used to speak German to her Mom when we were young. After my head injury from the accident when I was 28, I lost some of my abilities and am currently trying to regain some of the German that I spoke.

This dream makes me remember thatI must cherish my dear friends and relatives more, as life terminates and how terrible it would be if I did not tell them how I feel about them! I remember when I was 30 years of age, I wrote a beautiful letter to my parents and told them what a good job they had done with raising us children and how much I appreciated them. I also did that for a minister friend of mine. He and his wife were good, solid friends and we still remain the same to this day. I also wrote how much I appreciated their friendship through all the difficult years of raising my children alone.

I have had two times where my opportunity to tell people of my love for them was gone, and I have been granted an extension on my life for a little bit more time.

I express myself in writing better than in person. Perhaps this is the time to write to Betty and tell her how much I value her as a dear friend.

She is not on the computer so it will have to be snail mail!

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