Friday, March 20, 2009

Jewellery display at Arts Hamilton

Observe the beautiful art work on the walls, the display of jewellery in the showcase, the hand crafted cards on top of the display case and the unusual bowl in blue!
Sitting in front of my display.

A snapshot taken by Paul Dickens of some of my work and myself behind the counter.

Sample of work (on the right) of local artists. More inside to choose from.

An explanation note of what I am selling under "Wilhelmina's Creations".

I spent a couple of hours at Arts Hamilton arranging my display today, taking pictures and just chatting with people there. I am quite happy with the result and hopefully people will look in the display case and may even purchase something!

I am sharing the top shelf with two other jewellery people, both of which do different work than I do. Their work is also very beautiful and I would encourage you to take a look.

Arts Hamilton is a good place to buy original, handcrafted items; poetry books, history of Hamilton books as well as beautiful wall hangings and paintings. It is located in the International Village on King Street, between Ferguson and Wellington.

Not only does purchasing from Arts Hamilton help the local artist/writer, it also helps support the work of Arts Hamilton which is a non-profit organization.

Hamilton's art's community is alive and flourishing and for an original piece of work, why not drop in to see them?


Carmen said...

Hey Wilma is really nice your time that you do more necklaces and earings show me. I rather you get all the profit for you..take care..Carmen..

annaken said...

Thank you, Carmen, for your kind words about my jewellery. Perhaps one time, when you come to visit me, I can show you but I don't like to make friends feel "obligated" to buy. I don't mind sharing with Arts Hamilton as they do a lot of good things in the Arts Community here.

Kate's Blog said...

My two jewellery making friends have linked up. What a small world. I guess it is the world of blogging that does this. Congradulations Wilma on displaying your jewellry. I cant come to church tommorrow but am their next week. Glad to hear the ELW group went well with the new leader.
Talk to you soon
Kathy Fruck