Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Tide at Gage Park

At Gage Park, before going to the Spring Bulb Show.

My friend Jennifer outside of the Greenhouse. Jennifer invited me out for a ride to the Mount Hope area and beyond to show me some sights that I may not have seen in Hamilton, which was extremely thoughtful of her. She picked me up at our usual spot and then we proceeded to drive back up the mountain where we journed to a bakery outlet called Oakrun Farm Bakery. It was extremely reasonable in price.

As I like sweets, I felt like I was in heaven! All joking aside, they had different types of breads, buns, pies, Danish pastries etc at a very good price. I bought some Danish pastry and some muffins plus some English muffins.

It was a huge operation and if I remember correctly, Jennifer told me that they employ 175 people at that site.

We drove along a scenic route with barns, and fields ready to plant in, and I even saw one horse on our drive. We decided to drop into the newish Denninger's on the mountain to pick up a few groceries as well and then to stop in at their nice coffee shop for coffee and a donut!

In the meantime, staff at Denningers were handing out little samples of various goodies and we had quite a few ourselves. The coffee at Denningers was just right and it was nice and clean. One could have had a nice meal there as well! What a delightful place to go to. They have products from many parts of the world and the variety is great there.

The little one at Jackson's Square is very small compared to it.

After that we drove down to the No Frills near Gage Park. It was a much nicer No Frills and the staff were very friendly and helpful. The No. 1 bus goes past it I noticed. I got a huge bag of all purpose flour and this will do me for quite some time. I also found the Mrs. Dash and a salt substitute. Jennifer did some of her grocery shopping as well.

Gage Park was having their Spring Tide Event and we went there. It was beautiful!

What a delightful time we had looking at the various plants and their explanations, and of course, seeing the turtle and the two parrots! To top off our splendid time, a group of young men, all dressed up regally in their tuxedos, came in while we were there and the photographer took their picture. She also took the picture above of Jennifer and I with my little camera.

These young men looked smashing!

I love to see a man dressed elegantly for special occasions. Men can look very nice if they dress appropriately for special occasions, as can women!

I really don't go for all this casual dressing like they do in Hamilton. I think it is the Montreal influence in me speaking out. I like to see a man dressed in a good suit, shirt and tie, hair neatly brushed and clean fingernails!! Shoes should be presentable, polished and clean as well!

In my opinion, how one dresses reflects how much pride one has in oneself!

After the young men had finished their photo shots, they piled into an elegant white stretch limosene and took off to parts un known.

Shortly after that, the bride and her three children arrived along with what looked like her maid of honour and perhaps her father. She was dressed in an off the shoulder long white gown with flounces on the bottom and her children were all young, two litle girls and a dear little boy, all dressed up in formal attire. Adoreable! The photographer took seperate shots of the children and then of the children and their mother before going inside the Greenhouse. After their photo shots, they left also and Jennifer and I decided it was time to go as well.

That venue was a great place to take pictures as it has a little bridge, lovely banks of plants etc. etc. It reminds me of picture taking in some of Toronto's parks. My friend Norma and I used to go to James Gardens to people watch and saw many a bride and groom having their pictures taken. It was fantastic.

It also was so pleasant just to sit there and enjoy the flowers, the water and each other's company.

All in all, a splendid day. My thanks to Jennifer for suggesting this outing. Also, my thanks for her help in lifting the heavy flour out of the car at my back door.

To top off the delightful day, my friend Andrew called and came up for a little visit and some herbal tea. We have some serious discussions sometimes and this was one of the times. It was great! Andrew put the flour for me into two big containers which I can lift myself when I need them.

I wish Andrew all the luck in the Around the Bay Race today!

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