Friday, March 13, 2009

Have been out of Commission for a few days!

For those who follow my little blog, my apologies for the silence. I went by ambulance to the Hamilton General Hospital on Monday at noon time and remained there until late Thursday afternoon.

Happily for me, I was admitted and tests were done and I am thankful for visitors such as Peter', Rosie, Jeff, and Monica, and of course, dear Irene who happened along just when I needed help. I felt bad that Jeff came all that way and I was not available. He was a dear man even to come to see me!

I find it amazing how God works things out in my life. John, my dear neighbour was home for lunch, heard the ambulance people in the hall, came out and told me he would care for the cats which was a real worry for me before. He is such a good man and I only have to call and he will come. What a real blessing that he is my next door neighbour!

My son Ken was amazing, he went to my place to get my suitcase and stayed with me in the Emergency ward until he had to pick up his friend Jody. He also brought me a book to read from Jody.

He also notified Anna and Billy in Kitchener. Anna kept in touch via my phone in the hospital so I was able to reassure them that I was fine.

My stay in the hospital was good except for the last test which was a little hard on me. It left me feeling ill and with a real bad headache. Am glad that one is done and over with!

I had just got up from a rather difficult test and they discharged me a few minutes later. I had no warning and my son did not have access to the car. Jody had it at school.

Thankfully, my pal Irene was there and she helped me pack and carried my suitcase for me. I am not allowed to lift anything over ten pounds for a little while. Happily, I have taxi script with me at all time, just in case of emergency.

I am so thankful to be home but will take it easy for a few more days and try and follow the doctor's orders.......

I did like the Hamilton General though so that is a positive. Since coming here to Hamilton, I have been the guest of MacMaster Hospital (pneumonia), Henderson (cardiac arrest) and now Hamilton General.

I am thankful that things worked out so well and that the outcome was positive. May God be praised and may He bless my friends who took their time to call or visit.

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