Saturday, March 14, 2009

An afternoon with Tower Poets

How wonderful it was to be out of the hospital and among friends. We ran into a problem at the library as they had double booked our room and we lost out. Not quite fair as we book it for each month in advance and on a yearly basis. I don't like confrontation as it makes me feel under stress so I went to sit in a quiet area until the issue was settled. Our Editor-in-Chief is more assertive than I realized, but that is a good thing. He is braver than I am!

A good thing worked out of this situation, Jean, one of our oldest members offered up her home for our group and we all went there. I actually loved being their better than the library as it was more intimate and I could hear much better.

Mind you, I am a homebody type in many ways so perhaps that is why. I loved the intimate feeling.

I thought today's event went much more smoothly than usual - it was more orderly. I liked that.

I decided that I would bring my poem on Whitehern and the storm day as I haven't written any poetry since I got involved with jewellery making. I got some valuable suggestions and will see about incorporating some of them into the poem.

I brought my friend Jennifer with me or rather she brought me! Stella offered to pick me up but when Jennifer accepted the invitation finally to come to Tower, she offered to pick me up. This saved Stella an extra trip. Bless Stella for thinking of it though! Taking a bus to Westdale would have tired me out too much, especially if I had to wait for one for some time.

I was a lucky gal, I got a special hug today which made me happy.

My son Ken had gone grocery shopping for me near him and we picked it up on the way home. He was so kind to do that and it was very helpful as I am not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds for a while.

Now I am set for a little while as the Farmer's Market where I shop will be closed for two weeks and there really is no reasonable priced grocery store near me.

I was so glad to have been able to attend the poetry meeting today and to be among people I care for.

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