Sunday, September 18, 2011


I haven't posted anything for a few days as I have been quite busy at home.  I was finishing off the last touches on a poem about my daughter and her entry into this world almost 47 years ago. I also was writing the article for HistoriCITY which will be published some time in 2012.

I have a thought to write a poem about significant events in my life and also write about it in prose.  Eventually, I will make it into a book for my family members.  Nobody in our family has ever done that.  Bernadette actually suggested that idea to me several years ago, as I have had some very unusual events occur. I have now done the second poem and have a plan for the third poem in my head.

I was quite pleased with both groups of poets this month, only a few changes in a word here and there.  I had three people come up and compliment me on the birth poem at Poetry Center.  That was very nice of them.

Carnegie Gallery and Tower Poetry will be teaming up to present art and word together.  I plan to go to pick a painting to compose a poem about.  I remember when the husband of the artist asked my permission to keep the framed copy of my poem about his wife.  It touched him so deeply.  I was pleased to give it to him.

I have participated many times in this work but last year was just too busy to go out to Dundas.

Dundas is such a pretty part of Hamilton and well worth the long ride, especially when it is all decked out for Christmas.  I have taken Toronto friends there.

The day is shaping up very nicely, the sun is out, and St. Paul's is having their picnic.  I am going to Mary's event this afternoon though.

Thanks for dropping by and have a fantastic day!

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