Monday, September 5, 2011

LIT LIVE - September 4, 2011

Lit Live was held at ArtWord/Artbar on Colbourne Street last night.  I had already decided that I would leave at the first intermission as I find it just too late to be out on the streets alone at night.

In the first set there were three readers and they were all good. I did not catch their names unfortunately.
ArtWord/Artbar was packed and was as cozy as ever.  Ron and Judith are such good hosts

One of the poets asked several people to participate in his work and I was one of them.  We did not have to go up to the podium but could read it from our seats. Valarie said, "Put on your outdoor voice", and her advice worked.

 In some ways it reminded me of show and tell for our preschoolers.  That's where I really learned how to read out loud.  Thanks to my training as a day care teacher, which gave me confidence to read before others, and speaking before audiences as a guest speaker, and then as a writer, my confidence has grown.  .  The hardest audience to keep their attention is small children!

Actually, I liked that style for a change.  He also handed out some show and tell things of a chair which was also a way of getting people's attention.

Another young lady brought three of her flash length stories.  They were long enough to get some meat into them but short enough to read out loud without the audience getting bored.

She was a fabulous reader, I must say, and her short, short stories were quite humorous in some parts.

The other gentleman was good as well. I think he may have been from Quebec.

I sat with Valerie and her husband and they are a delightful couple.  I was going to sit with David and Renessa but Janice was sitting there and I figured Chris would sit with Janice so there would be no room for me.  I sat by myself until Valerie and her husband came in.

Many of the people there I did not know at all.  I think they may have come with the authors.  It was good to see so many people there.

When I went out to catch the bus, the heavens had opened wide and every rain drop in the world was centered on Hamilton!  I had a small umbrella in my purse fortunately but even with that, I got soaked to the skin.  I just missed one city bus but in about ten minutes the shuttlebus came along and he picked me up.

He was one of really nice drivers I had seen all summer and he said to me "What are you doing out on a night like this?" I joked around with him for awhile.  He is always nice.

He let me off at the King Williams stop and I tried to dodge the rain but to no avail.  Even my purse was soaked!

It was an enjoyable evening and I'm glad I went - that is, once I got home and stripped out of all my clothes which were sopping wet..

Thanks for dropping by my blog and please come again if you are able.


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