Friday, September 23, 2011


What a pleasure it was to hear Stan read last night at the Bryan Prince Booksellers.  He is one of my favourite poets here in Hamilton.

The room was full.  Stan had his poems on an overhead projector screen so you could read along silently as he read his work out loud.

In some ways I liked that, but in some ways I found it distracting, as I concentrated more on the reading of the work rather than listening to him.  I really liked the pictures he showed of what triggered a poem in him.  I could certainly relate to that.  I thought it was an interesting experiment.

Eleanore came in and we sat together.  It was mostly people from the Poetry Center who attended, although there were some people I had not seen before.  It was lovely to see the Gordon's again.  

I particularly enjoyed Stan's poems where there was some humour in it.  I liked the one on aging as it was so realistic!  I had a good laugh at the aging process!

I was most grateful that Alvaro picked me up.  I am not comfortable going out at night by myself and coming back downtown alone.  

For some of Stan's work, please see my writing and publishing blog at

Stan White at the podium 

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to see some of Stan's other work on my other blog. Just click on his name where it appears.

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