Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have a friend in Toronto who is in a very bad position -  health wise.  Due to diabetes, he has had several amputations and now lost his leg below his knee.  He also may lose his little finger as well.

I have been advocating for him to Mayor Ford's office as well as Councillor Anthony Perruzza, to get him a one bedroom disabled unit in a rent controlled building in Toronto.  He has to stay in the North West area of Toronto as he is undergoing treatment and even though he does qualify for Wheeltrans, it is very hard to get because of the demands on its services.   I am delighted to say that Mayor Ford's office replied instantly. The Councillor's office replied as well once the person got back to work.  Both are working on this and action is starting to happen.

I am trying to lend a hand from Hamilton by asking friends and caring people to contribute a dollar or two

I have written an appeal for and they have accepted it and I now am waiting for a picture from Toronto of this gentleman.  It should come in the mail in a day or so.  Engiver is a vehicle to donate a few dollars to individuals who are in need. I am delighted that they have accepted my appeal.

This gentleman is only 55 years of age, had a terribly rough life, not wanted by his stepmother so he left home at age 12.  His father never came looking for him, which is so sad.  He always worked even though he doesn't have much education and has difficulty with reading and writing.  I think his last permanent job was with a chocolate company in Toronto driving their truck.  He was laid off from that.

He has sold things at Flea Markets and done odd jobs to help himself.  He also has been very generous and kind to others.  He also worked as a superintendent of a rental building at one time.

He was working on construction but not through a regular company, had a fall and broke his back.  Conditions just seemed to worsen for him.  Now his body is being attacked by diabetes and he has had his toes amputated, and now his leg up to his knee cap and there is the possibly of his little finger being removed.

What else can I tell you about him?  In spite of his major health problems, somehow he seems to keep his sense of humour!  He has been a good friend to me for about ten years now.

If you can, and are interested in contributing to help raise some money to move this gentleman, please consider donating through  My paypal account is attached to it.

By the grace of God and the wonderful people who are helping as they are able, I have a ride to Toronto, a lady to help me pack, and have collected $230 thus far.  The interesting thing is that two disabled people have contributed $5.00 between them and the lady is crocheting a lap blanket for this man to help ward off the cold when he is out on his scooter getting food.   We need about $800 more to move him and help him settle in.  With his wounds not healing, and due to insufficient money to buy the proper foods, and just mostly using the food bank, he has a lot of strikes against him.

Any amount would help, from a dollar to whatever.

I have faith that through people who care, we will reach this goal and he will be helped.

Thanks for reading and please help if you can.

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