Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunday night - Jean Rae Baxter's book launch

Maureen Whtye of Seraphim Editions had three of her authors reading tonight to launch their respective books
Maureen and Catherine, her editor sat with me and then Bernadette and Altora came and sat with us too.

Ron, our host, had made humas and pida bread with olives to nibble on.  There were also chips, peanuts and some type of other nibbles.

As usual, the Bookband was represented and all their books were for sale there.

I went because Jean specifically invited me to come.  I took some pictures as well.

It ended shortly after 8 p.m. which was a great time to end, rather than 10.  I prefer these early hours.

First reader - a natural on the stage

Jean Rae Baxter

Jean Rae Baxter


New author - first book 

I could not hear some of their names and I did not know them.  I hope to speak to Maureen and get the names.

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