Friday, September 9, 2011

TheStar A fresh perspective on Iran

TheStar A fresh perspective on Iran

I read this article from The Toronto Star and thought it worthwhile to put it on my personal  blog.

I am fortunate to have Iranians friends in Toronto and have found them to be cultured, super polite and fun to be with.  I have attended their parties and eaten their delicious food.

I love their music, especially the Sufi music and play it at home.  I also have been to Iranian Sufi meetings in Toronto as well as Turkish ones.

I am so glad that this writer of the article has had such a positive experience.  I can only say that the two friends that were deported back to Iran (mother and daughter) are managing.  The daughter has work and even drives her own car.

It was a delight to read such a positive article.

Please come again, should you have the time.

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