Monday, September 5, 2011

Niagara Region on Labour Day, 2011

Well, we had an exciting adventure today.  Rosel wanted to go to the Lewiston crossing point to see where she could meet her friends from Germany when they came from visiting the States.

We ended up on the way to the American crossing and none of us had passports with us.  In fact, we had no intention of going to the States. There were barriers all along the way so that we could not make a u-turn.  Fortunately, there was a duty free shop just before the U.S. Customs and Rosel went in there and asked how we could go back.

They were kind enough to tell her that there was a little road right behind the store which would take us back into the proper way to get back to Hamilton. I had visions, with my over-active imagination, of being stuck in limbo land and not being able to go home ever.  Happily, my imagination was just that, imagination and not reality!

However, we had to go through the Canadian customs then and fortunately all of us had our photo I.D. with us.  They took our cards and put them through some type of machine.  The young fellow was really nice to us when he heard that we were lost.  He directed us further and gave us back our cards and off we went.

We passed a lovely park and stopped for our picnic lunch.  We three had brought different things and we all shared.

Rosel and Trudi

It was a lovely assortment of delicious food.  I shared Rahel's banana cake with the girls as well as cookies and tuna fish sandwiches.  Rosel made a great potato salad, home grown tomatoes and cucumbers.  Trudi brought the coffee.

After our misadventure at the border, our stop for refreshment, we decided to further explore the area.  We went to Niagara on the Lake as well as Ste. Catherine's.  I had been to Niagara on the Lake with my friend Jennifer several years ago but it was great to see it again.  It really is an interesting place to visit.  We just drove through it.

It appeared to be quite crowded today with happy tourists.  We motored on and came to Ste. Catherine's, a place I had never been before.

I really liked Ste. Catherine's, especially the waterfront area.

the gals 

More posed this time

Lake Ontario in Ste. Catherine's

Lots of people sailing kites here

The brisk wind necessitated a  light jacket, but to me this was extremely refreshing!  Families walked with little babies, toddlers and older children along this wonderful sandy beach.

Me, taken by Rosel - backdrop Lake Ontario
We saw two wonderful lighthouses  as well as a pier but we did not go over that far.

Kite Flying in Ste. Catherine's,


There was a beautiful carousel on the grounds of this fantastic waterfront park.  We found it hard to believe that the price was only 5 cents a ride!  I took a few shots of it.

I haven't seen such a wonderful carousel since Center Island many, many years ago.

While we were watching the big and little children (read that as adults) playing on the carousel, I started chatting with a lovely lady from New York State.  She and her family come to Canada very often as they like it here. Her children were having such a wonderful time on the ride. It is only a 45 minute ride from where they live.

We motored home by a side road which took us through many lovely little towns and eventually came back to Hamilton, happy but tired.

All in all, a wonderful trip and day!

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