Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enough excitement for a week!

Living downtown is certainly an interesting thing to do!  I was sitting outside reading my book and just enjoying the freshness of the air.  Well some people may question that "freshness" part, but nevertheless, it was pleasant to be outside reading today.

All of a sudden, I hear a scuffle and a thump against our wall which separates our property.

As you can imagine, ever alert for danger, as people from the street can come into our sitting area easily, my ears perked up and my eyes zeroed in on what was happening.

Hamilton's finest, riding their trusty bikes, had cornered a man in a white t-shirt, bare legs, and some kind of cut off shorts and the thump I heard was the two bodies, one a policeman and the other the suspect, in a struggle. The two policemen managed to handcuff the suspect, but the words coming from the suspect's mouth would make a sailor blush. My ears felt like they were expanding to the size of elephant's ears as they took in the ugly words. I thought of moving away from the sitting area just in case things got out of hand and guns came out but once I saw that the police had things in hand, I relaxed and observed.

Through the cracks in the planks, I saw them pat him down briskly and listened to what was said.  In some ways, I felt like the fly on the wall, observing all but not being observed.  I must walk around there some time and see if people can see from that side who is sitting there.  It will be interesting to find that out.

A police woman drove up and I assume that they put him in her car.  I was unable to see that.

I have to say that they did a good job and I also will say that the police on bikes can get to places quite fast.  It was the police on bikes who helped me when I had the stroke on the streetcar tracks in Toronto.  They can get in and out of hard to reach places easier than vehicles can.

After they had filed their report, which I also saw them do, they all went their separate ways and I went back to my reading of Dr. Ross Pennie's wonderful book - Tampered.

Ah, living downtown sure can be interesting!  Not too many dull moments!

Thanks for dropping by and come again, if you wish.

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