Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ruby McQuesten's art show

I was fortunate enough to go to Dr. Mary Anderson's event which is an art show of Ruby McQuesten's fantastic art work.  This art show is part of the year long celebration of the lives of the McQuesten family and the part they played in the life of Hamilton.  For detailed information on the life of this family, please google Whitehern Museum.

The show was held at the Art Gallery and was very well attended.  I sat with some lovely people and really enjoyed their company.  I also was introduced to a lady who used to be a Psychiatric nurse at the Hamilton Insane Asylum.

She now is on the Editorial Board of HistoriCITY.  She knows my friend Rosemary G as well.  I was telling the people at my table that I had interviewed a volunteer at the Asylum who had been a nurse there so they called this lady over to our table and introduced us.

That is when I found out that she is on the Editorial Board.  I was hoping to meet the Editor, Christine but she was not there today.  I saw Bill Manson there and spoke briefly with him.  We used to both serve on the Literary Committee together many years ago.

It was good to see him.

Ruby has been dead for 100 years. Her work is amazing and I am so glad that her work is now being recognized.  It is a pity that none of the family is alive now.

Artists, writers, sculptors, carpenters to name only a few, leave part of themselves behind when they leave this world.  Their work lives on to enrich other people.  I find that a very comforting thought.

Dr. Anderson has written two books on this family which can be purchased at any bookstore.

Thanks for dropping by.

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