Sunday, May 22, 2011

Royal Botanical Gardens

What a lovely afternoon it turned out, in spite of the rainy start to the day.  Rosie and I decided to go to the R.B.G. as the sun came out finally.

It was a great choice and we saw a wonderful variety of tulips, and some flowering trees.  It was not overly crowded as it had been rainy but once the sun was out for awhile, people came.

Yellow tulips

Pink tulips

deep colour, almost purple

me under a wonderful tree

Delicate flowering almond tree I think

We spent several hours there and enjoyed it very much then drove back to Pier 8 and spent some time in the outdoor patio of Williams Pub.  Very enjoyable with warmth enough that we did not need our jackets in the afternoon. 

All in all, a good time spent together.

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