Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day after the elections

It remains to be seen in the next four years how things will work out.  I personally am delighted that the NDP will be the opposition party.  It was so good that they got so many seats, especially in Quebec.

I also am very happy that Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader won her seat in the House of Commons and I expect that she will work hard to further the environmental issues that Canada faces.

I did not care for the mudslinging that both the Conversatives and the Liberals did in the last week or so of the campaign aimed against Jack Layton and the NDP party. I was very proud that Jack Layton did not descend to that level of politics but kept to his issues. 

My hope is that everybody will now buckle down in the Government and get to work to solve the many problems which this country faces. 

Thanks for reading my blog and have a good day!

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