Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ladies Group at St. John's Mother and Daughter evening

What a grand time we all had at this annual event.  In spite of the inclement weather, more tables had to be added as women ignored the weather and braved the elements to come out.

This was the 16th annual Mother and Daughter event.  It was delightful to see young girls with their grandmothers, mothers with their daughters,  and women alone, enjoying this special time out. Several other Lutheran Churches came as well to join in this festive occasion.  I believe they were from Grace and Transfiguration Lutheran.

The programme was as delightful as ever, with singing, poetry, a special story of "The Cab Ride" which tells of the last ride in a taxi of an elderly lady of 91 or 92 who calls for a cab to take her to a hospice.  This story, although I have heard it before, always brings tears to my eyes.  The driver took this dear lady to all the familiar places she knew as a child, as a young worker, as a married person which gave her so many pleasant memories to visualize in her last days.The driver spent many hours with her taking her wherever she wanted and it was a blessing for both of them.  In the end, he brought her to the hospice but he did not charge her a penny. A very moving story, which, one day may be our own story if we live long enough.  Let us hope that we get such a wonderful man as a driver who not only listened but understood her needs and spent several hours of his time with her.

Speaking of hospices, we took up a collection for the Bob Kemp Hospice here in Hamilton and raised almost $400.00 just from the assembled people.  Our treasurer will round it out to $400 and send them a cheque.

Thandi, who is originally from Zimbabwe, brought some friends of hers for the evening and they favoured the assembled group with several beautiful songs.  I took some shots of that.

Thandi and friends singing their hearts out

What a real treat to hear them sing.  They sang in both English and in their own language.

Our guest speaker for the evening was introduced by a lady from our group who had found her ad in the Shepard's Guide and chose to go to her for help with some medical issues she had.  She has been her patient for a year now and is very satisfied.

The speaker's name is Vicky Hachey, who is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Allergist and her subject was "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made".

Vicky brought a slide show and explained a little about how she came to study in this field.  For more information, please go to   where you will find many of the services that she offers.

Her practice is on Concession Street which is easy to get to from downtown or on the mountain.

Just a few points that I wrote down which may be helpful to my readers.

. Sugar wears down the immune system.
.  Apples are very good -  a complete food. All the nutrients are there in the apple.
.  Eat real food - not packaged.
.  Drink a glass of lemon water each morning.  Squeeze an organic lemon into a glass of water. (2 tsps. of

Vicky left us with many excellent points to consider.

The evening finished off with delicious home made German baking, herbal tea, coffee and regular tea.

All in all, a wonderful and interesting Mother/Daughter event at St. John's.

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