Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Farewell gathering for Svetlana

What a lovely idea to have a farewell gathering.  At first I said "no thanks" as I don't like being out by myself after dark but then I decided to take a taxi and go that way.  It only cost $5.00 which was very reasonable.

It was certainly easier than waiting half an hour for the next number 7 bus! 

I really like Svetlana's Grandmother - she is very sweet.  She trained and worked as a Geologist in Russia for forty years.  Her English is very limited and Svetlana does all of the translating.

Olga, Svetlana and Rimma

Wilma, Svetlana, Rimma

Olga and I left at 9 p.m. as we did not want to be out late on the street.  I waited at the McNabb Platform with her until her bus came and then went home.

All in all, a lovely evening.

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