Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last new writing group for the season

Even the flash of lighting, the threatening of a downpour, did not deter those hardy writers who came to the last writing workshop at Hamilton Artists Inc. It will be undergoing renovations and we normally close down for the summer months anyway.

Since it was the last night, I brought some home made almond cookies which everybody seemed to enjoy.

I brought my poem on the blind man and his near accident from the open manhole.  Some valuable suggestions were made which will improve it.

By the time we got out  - after 10:30 p.m. the sky had opened and buckets of water had descended upon the streets of Hamilton.  Fortunately, I had a plastic poncho type of raincoat in my carry bag and was able to spare myself some of the wetness. 

David was there so he was kind enough to offer me a drive home which I really appreciated.  He drove into the garage area but my darn key fob did not work on the back door so I told him to leave and I walked in the pouring rain to the front door.  My poncho worked overtime at that stage!

It was a very productive workshop and I shall look forward to commencing in September again.

Thanks for reading my blog and come and visit again when you get a chance.

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